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Johnson Creek Rentals proudly carries 
Pro Time Lawn Seed and soil amendments 

Sun Mix lawn seed (Green) is a blend of three outstanding grasses.  These grass varieties were selected not only for their ability to perform in the Northwest, but also for their excellent compatibility in blending together. Characteristics such as blade size, color at different times of the year, mowing quality, disease resistance, recovery from abuse, speed of germination, and most of all beauty, were considered when blending our ProTime 303 Sun Mix.  This mix performs best in areas that receive at least four hours of direct sunlight daily.  This Mix Includes: *Perennial Ryegrass *Turf-type Tall Fescue

Shade Mix (Blue) is a blend of three exceptional shade tolerant varieties of lawn grasses.  This mix contains two patented fine fescues and one perennial rye grass, selected for their fine leaf texture, deep green color, and exceptional shade tolerance.  Shade areas in the Northwest consist of more than that dark spot under the big tree in the backyard. Overcast skies from late fall to spring create some unique shade problems for your lawn. Pro-Time 305 helps tackle those challenging situations.  This Mix Includes:  *Turf-Type Fine Fescue *Perennial Rye Grass

Supreme Mix (Red) has been advanced to a new level. Developed in Europe for use on soccer feilds, the varieties of grass seed offered in ProTime Supreme have shown themselves to be superior performers in the Pacific Northwest.  Our maritime climate parallels theirs, resulting in a hardy European perennial grass mix with added durability and dense turf quality. Recommended as the first choice for sports fields and other high traffic areas.  This mix is also suitable for the discriminating homeowner who desires a highly manicured lawn. Select ProTime 309 Supreme Mix for sports fields, high traffic areas and home lawns.  This Mix Includes: *Perennial Rye Grass *Turf-Type Fine Fescue *Kentucky Blue Grass

PhD® Three Way Perennial Rye grass Blend provides a dark, dense, durable turf. PhD is especially desirable as an over seeding blend for all turf areas.  A favorite among sports field grounds keepers, PhD has come to be known as the “Seed of the Super Bowl” after appearances at the big game.  This blend is also used extensively in winter over seedings blends and mixtures on greens, tees, and fairways where rapid transitioning qualities are desired.  This Mix Includes: *Three Perennial Ryegrasses

Turface is a porous ceramic soil conditioner which lends itself to many uses. Resembling crushed terra cotta, its unique ability to absorb moisture and prevent compaction puts it in a league of its own. Used for:  *Baseball Infields 
*Soil Amendment 
*Nursery plantings 
*Backfilling Aeration holes 
*Moisture retention applications
    Turface has been the #1 choice for Major League Baseball and all lower levels of play by groundskeepers for 30 years because of its unequaled ability to soak up its own weight in rainwater, thereby preventing many rain-outs. Its texture and size help reduce player injuries, while the uniform color makes the baseball more visible. How to renovate an infield.  New Lawn Structuring In new lawn construction, especially in soils with high clay content, Turface can be tilled in before seeding to combat compaction. With more room for air in the soil, the plants can breathe. The tiny passageways that Turface provides greatly improve water drainage.

Lawn Mulch 

An outstanding top-dressing for newly seeded lawns, our Grass Straw Mulch provides a naturally perfect micro-climate for seed germination. It holds in place even during heavy rainfall and aids in conserving moisture. The fibers slowly decompose as the new grass begins its growth.  This Mix Includes: *Grass Straw Mulch


Without Fertilizer most turf grasses will struggle to maintain vigor and color. Fertilizing increases growth, color, vigor, hardiness, thickens the grass and is the mainstay of having a rich dark lawn. While Fertilizing alone will not provide a perfect lawn, it is one of the most important parts of lawn care.

Pro Pell It
Pelletized Lime

Lime, is pulverized limestone. The main component is calcium carbonate. Lime helps to neutralize the acidity of the soil and benefits lawn growth. Our lime is pelletized which breaks down more slowly for longer lasting effects