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Plumbing Tools

Closet Auger

The Teletube makes conventional six foot augers obsolete,

because it has three feet telescoped inside a guide tube until you need it.

Clears stoppages beyond the bowl. For unclogging toilets.



25' Hand Snake, for up to 2" pipes

This easy-to-use hand tool clears sinks and bathroom drains smoothly and easily.

The patented collet chuck tightens firmly on cable with just a quarter-turn.





25' Power Drill Snake, up to 2" pipes

The Small Line Specialist

Trouble-free operation and easy handling make the Super-Vee an excellent

rental tool for opening clogged sinks, bathroom drains, and even roof drains.





50' Power Snake for 2-3" pipes

Clears lines from rooftop to basement.

The Mini-Rooter clears lines from rooftop to basement, including kitchen,

bath and laundry drains. The plated cage with an inner drum carries 50 ft of 1/2" cable.



100' Power Snake

A heavy duty machine for 3" thru 10" lines.

The Easy Rooter is a tough, easy-to-use machine. Its rugged steel frame has roll bars

to protect the motor when loading into the trunk of a car. Plated cage holds 100 ft. of 5/8" or 3/4" cable.





100' Power Sewer Jetter

Clears grease, sand and ice.

The Jet-Set gives you new weapons to use on some of your toughest stoppages. Using a steam of high pressure water that hits the stoppage and flushes it away, jets are ideal for clearing soft blockages and ice.



HOT SHOT Pipe Dethawing Machine

No more tearing up floors, breaking through walls, or digging up pipes in frozen ground. Eliminate hazardous blow torches. With the safe Hot-Shot pipe thawer, you can accomplish the job faster and easier – and save time and money.



A wide variety of Pipe Wrenches and other various hand tools also available

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