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Johnson Creek carries a wide variety of tools for lawn maintinence

Mowers, Weed Eaters, Hedge Trimmers, Chainsaws, Stumpgrinders



Mantis Tiller
ideally suited for small jobs, flower beds, existing garden space, loose soil that just needs to be turned
Yard Marvel 5hp Tiller
good all around tiller for gardens,
and yards if you are only tilling dirt
BCS 8hp Rear Tine Tiller
great for tilling dirt or grass
excellent in softer soils
Baretto's 13hp Hydraulic
Powered Rear Tine Tiller
variable speed hyd tiller that has the power to tackle tough conditions.
till effortlessly through grass and clay soil. comes ready to rent on it's own trailer
Toro Dingo
with Cultivator attatchment
make your lawn install a breeze with
this amazing machine that rototills rakes & rolls in a single pass, also
great for removing small rocks from soil. Hyd powered and 52" wide it'll make short work of your job

Lawn Rennovation


Thatch is made of dead grass, leaves, brush, plants and flowers.
Removal of this essentially unchokes your lawn. The earlier in the spring the thatch is removed, the sooner the roots will get the air and ventilation needed to begin the seasons new growth.
Also great for removing moss




Aeration allows water and fertilizers to deeply penetrate the soil and quickly reach the roots. It removes plugs from your lawn allowing the soil to become looser helping to slow the development of clay or hard packed soil

Afterward you can add sand or Turface MVP soil conditioner to your lawn to help extend the effects of aeration.

Sod Cutter

Cut an 18" wide path up to 4.5" deep

Just cut and roll up no back breaking shoveling, make hours of work take just minutes. 




 Lawn Maintinence

Lawn Mowers 

Quit paying to have your mower tuned up every year, rent and save yourself the hassle

Great for grass up to 4inches tall


 Billy Goat High Grass Mower

Cut grass up 6+ ft tall down to 4"

great for out of control grass

not meant for blackberries or heavy brush. 4 speed and self propelled it makes a big job seem little.



Stihl Weed Eaters

String or Bladed to fit your project


We also carry hedge trimmers, power pole trimmers, chainsaws, power pole chainsaws, stumpgrinders, chippers and mulchers... see them here

Tree Care




Toro Track Trenchers


Ditch Witch 1330 Trenchers

Trench 4" wide up to 24" deep

come ready to rent on their own trailer




Toro Dingo

with trencher attatchment

Trench 6" wide up to 36" deep