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Johnson Creek carries a large selection of Sanding and floor care equipment
no matter the job we have the tools to clean, polish, sand, or install your floor




Essex Silverline's SL-8 Drum Sander

perfect for hardwood floors with cupping, bowing, stains or just large areas. The most aggressive sander we carry.




Essex Silverline's SL-1218 Orbital Floor Sander

the perfect choice for novice sanders.

sand cross grain without the errors that other sanders can cause. Refinish decks and even hardwood floors with ease

also great for finishing, and between coat screening




Essex Silverline's SL-7 edging sander

makes quick work of those hard to sand edges around your room




Essex Silverline's U-2 under sander

an excellent choice for getting under those toe kicks, radiators and other low profile hard to reach places




Porter Cable's 3x21" belt sander

great for a wide variety of sanding needs




Makita palm sanders for light duty sanding


 Floor Care


Essex' Fivestar Carpet Cleaner

with available uppholstery attatchment

great for cleaning carpets, couches, cars, drapes and much more

Reserve this Carpet Cleaner Online






Floor Buffers

a great way to add new life to an old hardwood floor

or polish up a tile floor and give it the shine it used to

available with 4 grades of pads

from polishing to stripping floor buffing is a low cost way to get the value back under your feet



Carpet Knee Kicker
Carpet Power Stretcher
Install like a professional
Hardwood Floor Nailers
save hundreds even thousands in labor
by installing yourself
Carpet Iron Kits
and carpet tackers