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STIHL TS-420 Demo Wet Saw

14" Diamond Blade

cut concrete or asphault up to 4" deep





Walk Behind Wet Saw

14" or 18" Diamond Blade

cut concrete or asphault up to 7.5" deep



ICS Concrete Chainsaw

12" cutting depth

Diamond Chain

Ability to plunge cut



Bosch 1365 Electric Concrete Saw

14" Diamond Blade

Excellent for smaller jobs

cut indoors with out the fumes of a gas saw

(limited to 50' cord max)


BOSCH 70lb Electric Jackhammer

Standard full size breaker great for slabs, patios and most home needs

(limited to 50' cord max)





MAKITA 45LB Electric Jackhammer

Great for walls, stairs, fenceposts and other hard to hammer jobs

(limited to 50' cord max)


BOSCH 30LB Electric Chipping Gun

Great for small jobs, chipping edges, and breaking thin concrete




Airman 185cfm & Kaeser 210cfm

Towable Air Compressors

equipped with 90lb Jackhammers

and 50ft+ of hose

Excellent for concrete 6"-10"



Toro Dingo with 100lb Breaker

Hydraulic Breaker for tougher jobs

Let the machine do the hard work

instead of your back



300 & 500lb Hydraulic Breakers

attatch to an excavator or skidsteer

For the big jobs


MAKITA 9" angle grinder

with wheels or grinding cupstones

a great low cost way to grind down that sidewalk lip, or fixing float errors





EDCO Concrete Surfacer

Grind, Polish, Strip, Resurface

Less aggressive for smooth jobs

great for resurfacing areas that are pretty even


optional strip sert heads for easy paint removal







EDCO CPM-8 Concrete Scarifire

Grind aggressively

up to 1/8" in a single pass

the fast and easy way to remove lips, grind down edges, and bad pours, add texture to slippery areas


carbide drum grinds fast, leaves surface slightly ridged